Friday, March 13, 2020


I am sitting in an urgent care waiting to do my urine drug screen for my new job.  They told us it would be 3-4 hours so I peed because I was about to explode.  Then they called me back immediately and I couldn’t produce.  So I’m drinking water sitting in the waiting room again.

Things at work are tense.  We’ve gotten official notifications that patients with URI symptoms shouldn’t be coming in for elective surgeries but they’ve been coming anyway, and we’ve been told to “use our judgement” about whether to do the cases.  According to official bulletins that means I should cancel anyone with a cough or a fever in the past two weeks.  In reality I doubt anyone would have my back if a surgeon or parent complained about me.  There are no N95 masks to be found anywhere.

Yesterday I cared for a patient with a cough.  The mom had called to report a fever three days prior, and then tried to deny it to me.  She shushed her child and yelled at him when he coughed.  However he was well appearing, so I did the case without mask ventilating the patient.  Given that the surgeon spent the day running his mouth over how this is all overblown I doubt I would have gotten much support from anyone. I suppose ultimately we will all have to decide what we need to do to protect ourselves.

I bitched out my father over FaceTime last night.  He was like oh maaaaaybe I won’t go to church this weekend.  I told him he was being selfish, that everything was closed to keep people like him safe.  He was like oh we aren’t going out.... except to church and McDonalds and (keeps talking).  He said it would be easier for him not to go if the diocese cancelled church, and I was like: No.  Not going is easy.  You just don’t leave your house.  I feel so frustrated and disrespected.  Nothing new really.  My parents were never so great at listening to me in the past, why would they start now.

My daughter’s school is closed until mid April, and we are doing virtual school.  She’s being great actually, just totally climbing the walls when I get home, and really wants attention from me specifically.  I feel for her.  She’s already sad about leaving her friends at the end of the year.  I wish I could help her feel better.

Our au pair has been really great also.  There are a lot of au pairs who are refusing to cancel their plans or are even making new plans because travel is so cheap right now.  She hasn’t done any of that and we are so grateful. It’s going to be hard to make it through a whole month housebound though.

Husband has been working from home and has been a grumpy bastard largely.  It’s been harder to deal with him than my daughter or au pair, actually.  I don’t know if he’s worried about his family in northern Italy or feeling trapped in the house or all of the above but he is driving me crazy.

I also feel stressed because I haven’t been able to get work done.  Today my plan is basically to just do this drug test.  If I have the time I will also cancel some flights and hotel reservations I will have and try to help Dyl with her school stuff.  I’ve put all my research stuff on the back burner for now.  I know it seems like with things closed I should be able to get more done, but it just hasn’t been working that way.

We did buy an old school Nintendo to play.  Hopefully that will help a little (though obviously it will not help me get work done haha).  Trying to come up with other things to do while we are trapped in the house.  I hope this blows over soon, but I am not optimistic.


Ok I peed in a cup and am back home again.  Submitted some stuff for reimbursement, now on to trying to get refunds for all my cancelled vacation plans.

I know everyone else is trying to do the same thing, so wish me luck!


Refunds obtained or requested on all things!  Woot!

I even got requests for reimbursement submitted for my last conference.

Ok guys, ya gotta stop panic buying.  The grocery stores, drug stores, and drs offices are going to remain open. 

I heard that adult hospital next door cancelled elective cases for next week.  Wondering what my hospital will do....

I keep finding myself looking forward to the weekend, but then realizing that everything is going to be exactly the same.  Will have a drink of water and then go for a walk.  Then I have executive coaching at 4PM.


Anonymous said...

I have zero expectation of being able to get work done when my family is around at the best of times. I work from home normally and my husband and daughter are incapable of letting me focus without interruptions if either one of them is home. Maybe it would be doable if my daughter was a teenager and I had a talk with my husband about "this is what the closed door means." But as things stand? No.

Let yourself off the hook about not getting more work done. This is an extreme time, particularly for anyone who works in healthcare.

OMDG said...

Haha yeah you’re right, of course. Thank you so much for the support. Good luck with your own solitary confinement!