Monday, February 12, 2018

Wherein the day was saved by yoga

I told my husband a week ago that Sunday (yesterday) I was going to have a terrible case of the "itis."  And indeed I did.

The day started off badly.  I slept until 8, when I'd intended to get up by 7.  That meant that I didn't have time to workout by the time we had a scheduled skype talk with our incoming au pair at 9.  And, furthermore, I was scheduled for brunch (see yesterday's post) at 11, which meant I wouldn't really have time after skyping either.

So, I talked with Luca for a bit instead (mostly about how much crap I had to do and my usual career anxieties), and we skyped the au pair (who is awesome, by the way). 

And then the brunch debacle started.  First the plans got changed one way, then another, and then finally I just decided to cancel because honestly, I have to make plans in advance because my life is very full, and while I get that you may have other things come up at the last minute, that doesn't mean I'll be able to accommodate your flakiness.  I mean seriously.  She was changing plans up to the point that I was literally about to head out the door.  Not. OK.

Luca and Dyl then went to Please Touch, and I a) pretty much did the taxes, b) I looked over and circulated a poster I'm presenting at a meeting in March, c) I consolidated some data that we're doing a validation set on, d) I read the orientation documents for my next rotation, e) I did 2 random preops that were not done for some reason, f) I did 10 anesthesia questions, g) wrote a few emails, h) took the dog for a walk, i) and... no that was pretty much it. 

It was then 3:30 or some such and I still hadn't done yoga and Luca and Dyl came home.  I made Luca finish the tax stuff with me since there were a few outstanding issues that required his input.  And I groused.  And my tummy hurt.  And I felt crappy and anxious.  And then Luca decided to take Dyl ice skating and I decided to do some yoga, and by got I got off my ass and just effing did it.  I did one of the "restorative" classes (i.e. mostly stretching and meditation) and guys, it really helped so much.  OMG.  My only regret is that I didn't do it earlier in the day.

I think, I think maybe I will just lie on the couch and read the rest of the evening.  And put Dyl to bed. Since I have to get up at 5 tomorrow (groans). 

I think I really really need and deserve a day where I plan on not doing any work or administrative tasks.  Not sure how that is going to become a reality, but I really think it would help.  Maybe next weekend.  Will have to see. 


Jono said...

Take a day off? OMG! What a concept! It will be tough to do, but if you can anticipate all the distractions and accommodate the rest of the world you just might have a chance. It would be wonderful thing for you to do for yourself.

OMDG said...

Goddamn rest of world keeps conspiring against me.