Saturday, January 6, 2018

Ahhh!!  Q4 call is exhausting!  I had a really easy call last night, meaning I got 3 hours of consecutive sleep, which is UNHEARD of, and then took a nap this morning, so I'm feeling ok, but still.

Tonight is our department holiday party.  Since I am approximately 8 lbs heavier than I was when I bought my dress, I purchased Spanx to wear under it.  This will be my first experience with "body shaping" underwear.  I just hope it won't prevent me from peeing.

Last week we hired au pair #6.  Woohoo!  She arrives in April and we are really excited about her.

Dyl advanced to level 4 swimming today and (according to Luca since I was sleeping) swam approximately 400 yards!  Holy cow!  She was kind of tired at the end of it, which... is not surprising!  400 yards is only slightly less than *I* would be capable of at this point in time.  I am so proud of her.

Today I registered Dylan for 8 weeks of summer camp.  One additional week will be taken up by vacation where I think I'll take her to CT to visit my parents.  That just leaves three weeks at the end of the summer to plan, and those camps aren't open for registration yet (at least I don't think so... crap I should probably check that just to be sure).  DAMN it was expensive.

Luca has been going to town with the crock pot.  Most recently he made chicken tikka masala, which tasted fantastic.  Best.  Christmas.  Present.  Ever.

I have a burgeoning to-do list for my upcoming research month, which is freaking me out a little.  It includes:

- revising a manuscript and hopefully submitting it somewhere
- meetings up the wazoo
- continuing to work on my specific aims page
- poster + oral presentation (oh yeah, I got one of these accepted, and while I am excited I'm also like boooooo more work....)
- ACLS recertification

So many things, so little time.

Which brings me to my next set of 2018 goals:  Professional (Research)

- Get a draft of a grant written.  I have a few ideas that I think are pretty novel, and I'm assembling a team.  But man, writing a grant is like giving birth to razor blades (I did not coin that particular phrase).

- Along the same lines, write my biosketch
- And finish compiling my research team

- Get both of these manuscripts I'm working on submitted to journals

- Negotiate my employment contract (if [new institution] does indeed still want to hire me) to include one to two years of instructorship to get research career off the ground.

- Attend 2-3 conferences

- Present at one of them, submit abstracts to the other ones

- Start to make connections in the world of pediatrics, and pediatric anesthesia specifically

I'm sure I'll come up with some more things, but those are the big picture items.


sarah (SHU) said...

wow 400 yards!!! impressive!!!

camp is eye wateringly pricey. here the school has a great cheaper option and we are definitely going to try it out for a few weeks. i want them to swim a lot though which the school camp doesn't have . . .

goals sound great!

i probably should get some spanx for an upcoming black tie event (post baby abs!) but I've never tried them either.

OMDG said...

Yeah swimming was the main reason we chose this camp over her nursery school affiliated camp that she went to last year. Also last summer she wasn’t nearly tired enough when she got home from camp, and they seemed to spend a lot of time doing art inside, but not much else. This year’s camp has a wider range of activities but is about $100 more per week. Oh well. How else am I going to live vicariously?

dolce vita said...

Lolll, 'giving birth to razor blades'-that's exactly what my grant writing experiences have been like (with a triage to boot!)

Way to go Dylan! You've raised an awesome and dynamic kiddo!

Ana said...

We have sent B (and now will send L) to a city rec center camp for the mid-summer weeks. They are literally outside most of the day and swim at the city pools daily---and its so so so cheap! We have to supplement with more $$$ camps at the beginning/end of summer, but I love this option.
Let us know how the Spanx thing went! I've never tried them.