Thursday, November 2, 2017

This year's Halloween

This year's Halloween kind of snuck up on us.  I had just completed a busy rotation at the Surgicenter, which was definitely not as laid back or pleasant as it had been billed to us, and then had immediately followed that with a five day conference out of town with a bunch of people from work.  Much socializing was required, and although most of it was fun, it was freaking exhausting!  Anyway, when I came back last Wednesday, my husband left for a business trip of his own.  We spent most of last weekend recovering.

Fortunately, I'd made Dylan pick out her costume well in advance.  When she decided last Friday that she wanted to be Tinkerbell and not a cheetah afterall, she was easily swayed back to being a cheetah.  Phew!

I guess I have had fun at Halloween in the past, but... let's just say it's been a while.  I derive only anxiety from the task of thinking of something to dress up as, and I'm not terribly crafty, so I don't find the process of putting together a costume particularly enjoyable.  I also don't really like our neighborhood Halloween parade because I don't know many people (even though I've lived in the neighborhood for 8+ years -- thanks a LOT med school and residency!), and I feel claustrophobic and lame.  And thanks to my schedule the week before, I'd also forgotten to ask the parents of Dylan's friends if they wanted to go Trick or Treating with her.


It all turned out to be pretty fun in the end anyway though.  Probably the best Halloween I've had since.... before I met my husband.

So.  In the morning I went to Dylan's Halloween parade at school.  I talked to a bunch of her friends' mommies, and we commiserated over various things.  None of them were dressing up for Halloween either, and I felt much better about my lack of a costume.  Dylan walked in the parade with one of her book buddies, and they were very cute together.

I texted my husband to contact her best friend from preschool's mom to see if they wanted to go to Trick or Treating with Dylan (for some reason I don't have her number), and she immediately replied yes!

My husband came home from work early, and we all, including our au pair, went to the neighborhood parade together.  Dylan kept running into children she knew from camp and school, and they all seemed super excited to see one another, and I met some of their parents.  I talked to Dylan's friend's mom most of the time, and tried to keep from losing sight of my daughter.  It was really fun!

Then after the parade we went to a Trunk or Treat at the University of the Sciences where a bunch of fraternities and sororities were giving out candy to kids out of the trunks of their cars.  Dylan and her friend got a TON of attention.  It was even more fun than the parade Trick or Treating we had done earlier and the kids were really well behaved and cute.  Then we walked home.

When we got home, we played Candy Land with REAL CANDY.  This really just amounts to Dylan eating some pre-selected pieces of candy when she draws special cards or wins, but it was fun anyway.  She asked to play again last night haha.

Obligatory Halloween costume pic.  Doesn't she look ferocious!  PS: She's sitting on a table that Luca made!
So, despite my total inability to plan ahead for Halloween this year, it turned out fun anyway.  Yay!

Any tips for how not to lose a child during a crazy chaotic neighborhood parade would be much appreciated.  It was kind of crazy!  GPS anyone?


As a side note, in honor of NaNoWriMo I am going to try to do a post per day through the month of November.  Thanks to Ana for giving me the idea!

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